The D-FACTORY communication and dissemination strategy is focusing on taking and implementing all the necessary action to guarantee adequate exploitation of project results, and dissemination/awareness of project. 

A. Internal communication - among project partners through electronic communication, the project website, partner meetings and visits.

B. External communication and information dissemination - aimed at the target groups through various communication channels: i) via the project website ii) via the project newsletters and publications iii) through local activities iv) via the project events v) via the press vi) via project events (workshops). 

And here you can access the public deliverables from the project:

D7.3 Final report on definitions, settings and system descriptions PDF
D7.4 Final report on technological assessment PDF
D7.5 Final report on environmental assessment PDF
D7.6 Final report on economic assessment PDF
D7.7 Final report on social assessment PDF
D7.8 Final report on integrated assessment of sustainability PDF
D10.3 Newsletter PDF
D10.4 Brochure and flyer/poster PDF
D10.6 Press releases PDF
D10.7 Publicised material PDF
D10.8 Project video PDF