Events on microalgae

The D-Factory consortium have represented the D-Factory project at the following activities with other EC funded projects, workshops, meetings and events

EU BC&E 2014 - 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exibition

23/06/2014 - Hamburg, Germany

Presentations by IFEU:
- " Life Cycle Assessment of Bioenergy from Perennial Grasses Cultivated on Marginal Land in the Mediterranean"
- "Novel Biorefinery Products: Comprehensive Environmental Assessment "

ESCAPE: European Synposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering

15/06/2014 - Budapest, Hungary

Presentation by NTUA: "Process design analysis for the valorization amd selection of integrated microalgae biorefineries"

4th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels & Biomaterials

14/06/2014 - Santa Fe, USA

Presentation by IFEU : " How to extend an LCA of algal biomass pathways to a conclusive sustainability analysis"

Glycerine Fuel for Engines and Marine Sustainability

10/06/2014 - Southampton, UK

Presentation by UOG
"Glycerine as an alternative fuel"

IX Ibero-American congress on membrane science and technology

25/05/2014 - Santander, Spain

Presentation by IBET: "Characterisation of dense films: modelling transient permeation from time-dependent diffusivities"

Society for General Microbiology, annual conference

13/04/2014 - Liverpool, UK

Presentation by UOG
"Engineering sustainable biofuels & novel chemicals in algae & non-food plants. Metabolic engineering for biotechnology: fundamental knowledge to societal benefit."

The Institution of Engineering and TEchnology

31/03/2014 - Bromley Branch, UK

Presentation bu UOG:
"Biofuels here do we go from here?"

Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum Keynote Seminar

12/02/2014 - Westminister, UK

Presentation by UOG:
"Biofuels: the 2020 targets, ILUC and looking forward to 2030"

Royal Society of Chemistry

18/11/2013 - London, UK

Presentation by UOG:
"The Microalgae biorefinery  - BioCrude to Fine chemicals "