Events on microalgae

The D-Factory consortium have represented the D-Factory project at the following activities with other EC funded projects, workshops, meetings and events

ACI's 5th annual European Algae Biomass Conference

20/04/2015 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Patricia Harvey, D-Factory coordinator from UOG gave a speech at the
European Algae Biomass 2015: “The D-Factory: a CO2 Microalgae Biorefinery”

Algae Around the World Symposium

17/03/2015 - Cambridge, UK

The Algae Around the World Symposium was hosted by the University of Cambridge showcasing new research on microalgae coming from the UK and further afield, via collaborative projects. Presentation by UOG: "The D-Factory: a CO2 Microalgae Biorefinery".

Natural Product Biotechnology 2014

16/11/2014 - Inverness, Scotland

Three different D-Factory partners participated to the Natural Product Biotechnology 2014 with oral presentations (UOG: “Sustainably exploiting biodiversity to make life better”; NATECO2: "Supercritical Fluid Extraction from microalgae and other natural sources") and poster (SP)

Bioökonomie-Kongress Baden- Württemberg

28/10/2014 - Stuttgart, Germany

Presentation by IFEU:
" Wie grün sind Algen ? Ein Überblick aus Nachhaltigkeitssicht (How green are algae? Assessing sustainable development of algae production)."

"Alles im grünen Bereich? Ökobilanzen für ausgewählte Bioraffinerie-Produkte (Green light for bio-based products? LCA results for selected biorefinery products)"

Algae Biomass Summit (ABO)

28/09/2014 - San Diego, USA

Presentation by EVODOS: "Redefining Algae Harvesting"
Presentatio by IFEU: " Algal biomass use: an integrated assessment of its sustainability with LCA as starting point."

5th Brazilian-German Frontiers of Science and Technology Symposium 2014

24/09/2014 - Recife and Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

Presentation by IFEU: "Environmental Assessment of 2nd generation Biofuels"

IV scientific conference on Pervaporation, Vapor Permeation and Membrane Distillation

21/09/2014 - Torun, Poland

Presentation by IBET: "Characterisation of Transient Transport in PDMS Membranes Using Mass Spectrometry"

European Congress on Biotechnologies

12/07/2014 - Edinburgh, Scotland

'The CO2 Microalgae Biorefinery: High Value Products and Biofuels Using Halophilic Microalgae in the "D-Factory"' under the topic 'Cell factories'

IChemE webinar


Webinar by UOG
"The CO2 Microalgae Biorefinery: The D-Factory"

EU BC&E 2014 - 22nd European Biomass Conference  and Exibition

24/06/2014 - Hamburg, Germany

Presentation by UOG:
“The CO2 Microalgae Biorefinery: High value products from low value wastes using halophylic microalgae in the “D-Factory”.”