University of Greenwich

The team at Greenwich is led by Prof Patricia Harvey, Head of Bioenergy Research and coordinator of D-Factory. She is a senior expert in bioenergy and the use of algal and non-food plant systems for the capture of CO2 and production of green chemicals and biofuels. The team is composed of Yanan Xu and Iskander Ibrhaim (PhD candidates), Paul Lucas (Project manager) and David Bailey (Resoure manager). A selection of their publications can be found here.

A4F Algafuel SA

The team of scientists at A4F working on the D-Factory project is led by Vitor Verdelho, supported by Diana Fonseca and Luis Costa. Vitor is currently the President of the European Algae Biomass Association; President, Member of the Board and shareholder of Necton, SA; and Member of the Board and shareholder of A4F, SA. He has worked in biotechnology projects for the last 25 years and his activities involve the management of research projects, technology transfer and new business development. Diana is a Chemical Engineer and works as a Senior Project Engineer at A4F. Luis, a Biological Engineer with a PhD in Chemical Engineering, is the Manager of Operations, Science and Technology at A4F. 

Dynamic Extractions LTD

The team of scientists at Dynamic Extractions working on the D-Factory project is led by Guy Harris, an organic chemist with expertise in all forms of chromatography, from analytical to pilot scale, as well as bioassay-guided isolation of natural products and organic compound structure elucidation using NMR, MS, UV and IR spectroscopy. A selection of his publications can be found here. Colin Bright and David Rooke join Guy in the team. 


The team of scientists at Evodos working on the D-Factory project is led by Fons Jacobs, with assistance from a team of Dutch engineers based in Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands. Fons is Sales Manager and Project Leader at Evodos, started in 2015 in the algae market and has over ten years of experience in the Food industry (sales and project management related positions). By working closely with their clients worldwide, Evodos has developed several solutions of the entire up- and downstream process in different applications, which results in offering business cases to the entire algae market.

Hafren Investment Limited

Hafren Investments Ltd (HI) is the investment vehicle for Paul Goacher. Paul has a degree in Economics and has worked in the City for 28 years. He worked as an equity hedge fund manager and director until 2012 when he started to invest in small companies through Hafren Investments Ltd. In this algal bio-refinery project, Paul Goacher will be assisted by an economic analyst/accountant and a statistician.

Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica

Prof. João Crespo, supported by Dr Carla Brazinha, leads the team of scientists at IBET working on the D-Factory project. João is Full Professor of Chemical Engineering at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and has been involved in a dozen international EC projects as well as in projects directly funded by companies in the pharma, food processing, and bioactive recovery areas. He is editor of 2 books, author of 17 book chapters and 190 publications, to be found in the Web of Science (h-factor of 38). He is also founder of the spin-off company “Zeyton Nutraceuticals”. Carla Brazinha is a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Laboratory of Membrane Processes of IBET and a member of the Associated Laboratory REQUIMTE. Her research has been focused on the production of high value products from renewable sources within a biorefinery approach. A selection of IBET team publications can be found here.

Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg GmbH

The IFEU team is led by Guido Reinhardt, a member of the board of directors of IFEU, who has worked in the field of sustainability assessments for food, bioenergy, industrial crops and bio-based materials for more than 25 years. He is a well-known consultant for national and international institutions and a member of several EU advisory panels. Some selected publications from Guido can be found here. In the D-Factory project, Guido is supported by Dr Heiko Keller. Heiko has worked at IFEU since 2011, focussing on life cycle assessment (LCA) of novel and established technologies for a bio-based economy. Heiko is also Lecturer at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). Heiko’s publication are here

IN srl

Laura Martinelli heads up the all-female IN team. Laura obtained her Masters in Chemical Engineering in 2001, and worked for 7 years for the Fiat Research Centre as a Project Leader, successfully co-ordinating several EU, national and local projects. Laura’s colleagues at IN working on the D-Factory project include Silvia Tavernini who holds a PhD in Ecology and has long experience in the financial management and administration of EU funded scientific projects.

The Marine Biological Association

Dr Declan Schroeder is a Senior Research Fellow at the MBA in Plymouth, and Director of the newly reconstituted MBA Culture Collection. He has over 20 years of research experience as a molecular biologist in the areas of virology, biodiversity and phycology - including the use of genome annotation and application of genomic technologies to study key biological processes. Research in his group addresses fundamental questions in both the marine and terrestrial environments. A list or relevant publication of Declan’s team can be found here.


The NATECO2 team working on the D-Factory project is composed of Andreas Wuzik and Nadine Igl. Nadine is a food engineer, and head of marketing at NATECO2 with long-term experience in the R&D department and know-how about algae preparation and extraction (with over 8 years’ experience in the extraction of biomasses and algae with scCO2). A selection of their publications can be found here.


The NTUA D-Factory team is led by Prof Antonis Kokossis, Chair of Process Systems Engineering at NTUA. Antonis has 23 years’ experience in process synthesis, optimization, process design and modelling. The team includes Melina Psycha and Konstantinos Pyrgakis (PhD candidates), and Dr. Athanassios Nikolakopoulos, who are working on the design of integrated biorefineries. Together, they contribute the modelling and process design elements of the D-Factory Project. A selection of their publications can be found here.

Nature Beta Technologies

Ami Ben-Amotz leads the team of scientists at NBT working on the D-Factory project. Prof Ben-Amotz’s expertise in microalgal culture in general - and culture of strains of Dunaliella salina in particular - has underpinned much of the D-Factory work. In the last few years, his research has been devoted to medical aspects of Dunaliella with Sheba Medical Center, Israel, focusing on derivatives of β-carotene and retinoids, a fruitful line of inquiry that continues within the D-Factory. Click here for relevant publications.

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden AB

Two SP teams are represented within the D-Factory Consortium. One team contributes chemical and bioactivity analysis of algal extracts, formulation of final products, and identification of new application areas for side streams. The second team studies aspects of social sustainability delivered in the project. Dr Karin Persson, PhD in colloidal chemistry, leads the first group. The other members are Lena Brive (PhD), senior scientist at SP Unit of Materials, Chemistry and Surfaces and expert in analytical chemistry, Johan Svenson (PhD) whose main research areas are medicinal chemistry, marine natural products, marine biotechnology and peptide chemistry; and Isabel Mira (PhD), Project Manager in the area of Liquid Formulation with a long lasting expertise in formulation of emulsions, suspensions and foams. Diego Peñaloza (M.Sc) is the person in charge of the social (S-LCA) Life Cycle Assessment for the D-Factory, and in the project he will also carry out a SWOT analysis. At SP Anna Fureby (PhD) acts as an advisor in spray-drying, encapsulation and controlled delivery fields.

Monzon Biotech SL

Carlos Casanovas, MBT general manager, is a chemist who has developed his career in multinationals companies in the chemical sector such as Givaudan (part of Hoffmann La Roche group), Firmenich and Uniland SA. J Javier Gomez, MBT Technical Director, is a chemical engineer previously working at Quimica del Cinca, a company in the chlorine and caustic soda sector. Alberto Contreras is MBT production manager. He is an industrial engineer and has actively participated in the design and development of current MBT plant. Laura Sanchez, biologist manager, has developed her career in Monzon Biotech during the last ten years. She has a wide experience in growing, harvesting and researching Dunaliella salina and Nannochloropsis sp. Belén Perna, laboratory and quality control, is an agronomist engineer graduated by University of Lleida. She has been in Monzón Biotech since 2009 focused on laboratory process, data analysis and biology of algae. Diana Arroyo, laboratory operator, is a marine scientist graduated by Cadiz University. She has been working in Monzón Biotech since 2014. Diana is in charge of activities necessary to acquire ISO 22000 Certificate for MBT.