Halotolerant hyper-accumulating carotenogenic strains of Dunaliella

Dunaliella strains from Eilat, Israel and Monzon, Spain, were isolated and characterised by the Marine Biological Association, UK. These strains are now available by application to the MBA Culture Collection, Citadel Hill, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2PB, UK. Dunaliella salina strain DF15 isolated from Eilat has a significantly higher cellular content and higher productivity of carotenoids than many other hyper-accumulating carotenogenic strains such as UTEX 2538 and is the subject of Patent application numbers 1701855.7 and 1702413.4 (Algal Composition). Dunaliella salina strain DF40 was isolated from very high salt-crystallizing ponds in Monzon and is similar to D. bardawil. DF40 has fast growth rates in highly saline water associated with crystallizing salt ponds and therefore also gives a high productivity of beta-carotene.

Full details of these strains can be found in:

  • Xu et al: Potential of New Isolates of Dunaliella salina for Natural β-Carotene Production, which describes properties of the DF strains and can be accessed at: Preprints 2018, 2018010156 doi: 0.20944/preprints201801.0156. Biology (special issues Microalgal Biotechnology Biology) accepted;
  • Xu, Y.; Ibrahim, I. M.; Harvey, P. J. The influence of photoperiod and light intensity on the growth and photosynthesis of Dunaliella salina (chlorophyta) CCAP 19/30. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 2016, 106, 305–315

You can view more details in the poster "Dunaliella salina from hypersaline environments".

A novel, unique method to cultivate Dunaliella salina strains with a very high concentration of carotenes especially 9-cis beta-carotene has been developed (Patent application number 1719440.8 and GB1718822.8 (Production of Dunaliella)). This technique offers specific benefits for low-cost, facile extraction of a valued carotene blend that will be more readily incorporated into foods as a natural colorant, than any other natural carotene preparation currently available on the market and, at the same time, impart health benefits that are superior to any other known carotene-based colorant.

For more details contact: p.j.harvey@gre.ac.uk or y.xu@gre.ac.uk.