Tests of defatted powder in feed for chicks

Dunaliella algal powder from Monzon Biotech is ideally suited for processing using supercritical CO2 technology offered by NATECO2 to provide a defatted powder suitable for animal feed.

The defatted powder has been tested as a chick feed additive.

Low algal inclusion rates were found to have a significant effect which was not due to the macronutrient composition. The algal powders may be aiding in digestion, immune system and microbiome management. They imply that defatted Dunaliella salina powders can be used as a partial meal replacement in chick feed with growth promoting effects.

You can view more details in the poster "Potential of defatted Dunaliella salina cultured in open raceways as a broiler feed ingredient".

For more details contact: p.j.harvey@gre.ac.uk or p.j.sanderson@gre.ac.uk.