The preparation of high purity carotenoid and xanthophyll products from Dunaliella salina biomass using integrated processing technologies

Dunaliella algal powder from Monzon Biotech is the biomass starting material from which high purity carotenoid and xanthophyll products are prepared. The integrated process developed as part of the down-stream processing DSP) along the D-Factory biorefinery value chain uses an innovative, continuous process based on High Performance Counter-Current Chromatography (HPCCC) ( and solvent resistant membrane technology ( to maximise output, minimise processing solvents, energy use and waste.

This integrated biorefinery processing system is able to take either dried biomass starting material or the concentrated extract from Supercritical CO2 (ScCO2) extraction process developed by NATECO2 and sequentially separate the target compounds in a series of steps that enable the residues generated to be recovered and reused or to prepare other added value products.

The extracted and separated carotenoid and xanthophyll components are purified and isolated in a series of steps developed by Dynamic Extractions and the University of Greenwich to prepare a range of primary products of required content and purity for analytical and functional product applications. Applications range from food supplement to nutraceutical and therapeutic use; the primary products are processed according to the quality, application and Good Manufacturing Practices required for the customer and finished product.

You can view more details in the poster "A flexible and sustainable processing system for the extraction and purification of high value target compounds form biorefineries".

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