Dunaliella proteins in bread

The Dunaliella algae powder was extracted into different protein fractions, namely albumin, globulin and glutelin fractions. The different protein fractions were biochemically characterized, e.g. regarding protein content. The Dunaliella protein fractions from Monzon Biotech are ideally suited for processing using supercritical CO2 technology offered by NATECO2 to provide a protein powder suitable as food additive.The protein powder has been tested as an additive in bread. Dunaliella protein was incorporated in a gluten free recipe, and compared with commercial breads. The colour of the dow with the Dunaliella protein is orange. After baking the colour of the crust became yellowish and the cross sections orange. The protein addition induces higher crumb stiffness than corn protein. Best results in terms of structure of the crumb are obtained with albumin added to a gluten-free recipe. Also visually this bread is the most appealing.

You can view more details in the poster "Examples of Dunaliella Extracts in Novel foods".

For more details regarding the extraction, fractionation and biochemical characterization contact: lena.brive@ri.se

For more details regarding the baking process contact: karin.persson@ri.se