A Process for Preparing Polar Lipids from Dunaliella Biomass

An efficient and simple process for the isolation of the polar lipid fraction starting from algae biomass, either dried cells or as residue after supercritical CO2-extraction has been established. The process separates the total lipid fraction by extraction using organic solvents followed by solid phase extraction by silic gel in combination with different organic solvents. The unpolar lipids (carotenoids, triglycerides and chlorophylls) are efficiently separated form the polar lipids. The main polar lipids are phosphoserine, phosphocholine, glycolipids and phosphatidyl inositol phosphates. A total yield of ~10 % by weight from dry biomass has been achieved. These polar lipid fractions are suitable for stabilisation of emulsions of vegetable, mineral and silicone oils.

You can view more details in the poster "Products from microalgae: The formulator’s perspective".

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