Tests of defatted powder in fish sausage

Dunaliella algal powder from Monzon Biotech is ideally suited for processing using supercritical CO2 technology offered by NATECO2 to provide a defatted powder suitable as food additive.

The defatted powder has been tested as additive in fish sausage.

Three fish sausages were made with a varying amount of defatted Dunaliella powder: 1.3%, 2.3% and 4.7% (w/w). The water, fat, salt, added starch and added fiber content were all kept constant.


Defatted Dunaliella powder makes the fish sausage darker the more biomass that is added. The taste is quite neutral, at addition of 2.3% and 4.7% a taste of Dunaliella was observed. This was perceived as positive in a fish sausage. The overall best fish sausage was with 2.3%.

You can view more details in the poster "Examples of Dunaliella Extracts in Novel foods".

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