The D-Factory Platform Modelling Tool

D-Platform is a demonstrator software developed within the context of the D-Factory project. The implemented platform exploits Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructures to provide users with various online services related to D-Factory. More specifically, D-platform accommodates the following purposes:

  • Dynamically builds and visualises the synthesis pathways from algal strains using modelling components.
  • Displays the processing paths by utilising the constructed process designs and integrated schemes.
  • Screens for optimal paths and highlights solutions.
  • Provides alternative solution paths and calculates the corresponding output data.
  • Enumerates profit, capital and operating cost and revenue values for each solution path and plots the resulting column chart.
  • Outlines the product and technology percentage frequencies through bar charts considering all the selected solution paths.
  • Evaluates a set of case studies in order to benchmark a wide range of products and pathways.

The online tool is accessible through the LINK or by clicking on the image above.

Who is the D-Factory Platform Modelling Tool for?

The D-Factory tool is for all stakeholders with an interest in Dunaliella production and processing seeking to learn more about the topic and the commercial potential

  • Companies producing saline water/flue-gas CO2 or engaged in solution salt mining
  • Algae cultivators
  • Stock control unit operators
  • Operators in biomass biorefinery units
  • Operators in quality control, packaging and shipment of goods
  • Investors
  • Academic research laboratories, students and young researchers
  • European and national policy makers involved in the design of policies and regulations that shape the future bio-based economy
  • Anyone interested in the opportunities and benefits of cultivating and processing algae for carotenoids, lipids and glycerol

Click on the User Guide where you can find out how to use the tool and what type of information you may retrieve.