Know-how to cultivate carotenogenic orange, green phase and brown phase Dunaliella in pilot scale cascade raceways

In cascade raceway (CRW) open systems, it is possible to grow Dunaliella in a thinner layer of liquid than in conventional open pond raceways, thereby achieving higher densities of orange carotenoid-rich cells, while reducing the amount of culture medium handling by 80%. In the D-Factory project it was possible to grow Dunaliella in both green and orange (carotenogenic) phase, as well as the intermediate brown phase.

In the D-Factory project, pilot scale CRWs were operated with Dunaliella at A4F – Algae for future experimental unit in Lisbon (, achieving a performance of TRL level of 6. Although industrial scale and consistent yearly trials are required, it was possible to maintain highly carotenogenic cultivation for 3 months with >10 cycles of biomass harvest.This expands the array of technologies available to produce Dunaliella biomass deployed by A4F.

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