Know-how to cultivate carotenogenic orange, green phase and brown phase Dunaliella in flat-panel photobioreactors

In closed Green Wall (GW) photobioreactor (GW-PBR) systems, it is possible to grow Dunaliella in a controlled environment, where by careful manipulation of the cultivation parameters, in the D-Factory project it was possible to obtain cells in both green and orange (carotenogenic) phase, as well as the intermediate brown phase.

This expands the array of potential applications and products coming from Dunaliella cultivation: green Dunaliella for enzymes or bioactive peptides; growing GMO strains; growing non-dominant strains; cultivation under chemical induction of target compounds; control of the isomer ratio of beta-carotene; etc.

In the D-Factory project, flat panel GW-PBRs from A4F – Algae for future ( were operated with Dunaliella strains, achieving a performance consistent with TRL level of 9, where cultivations in carotenogenesis endured for up to 6 months in a semi-continuous regime.

You can view more details in the official D-Factory Video.

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