Design and integration of photobioreactor cultivation systems for Dunaliella

Several closed photobioreactor (PBR) systems were designed and adapted to Dunaliella cultivation by A4F – Algae for future ( for R&D activities at the A4F pilot unit in Portugal and for integration in the D-Factory demonstration facility of Monzón Biotech in Spain.

The PBR systems achieved a performance consistent with TRL levels of 5 (multilayer horizontal tubular PBRs) and 9 (flat-panel PBRs) and were deployed in co-location with the industrial salt production site, using available utilities such as flue gas as CO2 source and waste heat.

Within D-Factory, it was possible, depending on the conditions, to grow, in 2 types of closed PBRs, 3 Dunaliella strains, in 3 growth stages (green, brown and orange), in 2 regimes (batch and semi-continuous) and in 2 locations.

You can view more details in the videosA4F@D-Factory FP7and the official D-Factory Video.

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