The Project

The D-Factory will set a world benchmark for a sustainable CO2 algae biorefinery. The D-Factory is based on biomass from the halotolerant microalga Dunaliella salina. Dunaliella cultivation is the largest of any microalga (many 100s hectares).

The biorefinery elements are integrated and optimised using sustainability assessments. The biorefinery elements include:
Biomass: New strains are being cultivated in lakes, raceways and photobioreactors.
Bioprocessing: Key biomass processing technologies are being applied to the biomass:

  • Innovative spiral plate technology for dynamic settling
  • Ultramembrane filtration
  • Supercritical CO2 techniques
  • High performance counter-current chromatography¬†

Within 36 months from the beginning of the project, a sustainable D-Factory demonstration will be showcased in Europe.
Designs, flowsheets and integrated schemes will be constructed and used to benchmark a wide range of products and pathways.
A D-Factory business case will be made to raise investment for the first prototype D-Factory in Europe.

The D-Factory demonstration will be operational in 48 months. It will serve as a robust manifestation of the business case for global investment in algae biorefineries and in large-scale production of microalgae using photobioreactors, algal raceways and lakes.